Update: January 3

December 31 has passed; the drawing for the copy of Illustrissimi has been held. I am happy to announce that the winner is Martin Gonthier of Baie-Comeau, Quebec. The book will be on its way to him as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Update: December 16

Here we are at the last day of the campaign! (It ends at 1:30 a.m. Eastern time).

We had planned to announce the winner of our referral contest today, but none of those who promoted our campaign also made a donation. Instead, we will award the prize, a collectible copy of Illustrissimi, by a drawing among all those who have donated since the start of the campaign — plus, we will be including all those who donate through our website through December 31. We’ll announce the winner there. (I had originally wanted to do a drawing during the campaign but Indiegogo forbids anything that might be considered gambling! Holding the drawing on our own site will overcome this difficulty).

Thanks to all our contributors for their generosity!

The campaign page is here.

Much has happened since the John Paul I Centenary Conference in 2012. That was when we first saw the possibilities for a Pope John Paul I Association.

We incorporated in 2013, did lots of planning and discussion, and slowly built our web presence. Now we are ready to take our work to the next level, but we will need your help.

On October 17, Papa Luciani’s birthday, we will be beginning a major fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.com. Stay tuned for the details as they are announced. There will be surprises, free giveaways — and a new video on John Paul I!

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Our Needs

This is why we need your help. We are planning a number of projects for the future, including:

Getting legal counsel and paying the fee for filing to obtain tax-exempt status as a 501(3)c organization

Transcription, editing, proofreading, etc. for the 2012 conference talks and sound editing for the audio, so they can be published soon. (Go here for a description of the conference).

Planning and carrying out future conferences and workshops, arranging for speakers, etc.

Putting out more publications.

None of these things can be done without money.

What we are asking is this: If you appreciate our work, please  contribute financially as well. You can give as little as $5. If you are already thinking of donating to us, please do so on Indiegogo as soon as the campaign starts. Go to http://igg.me/at/help-rescue-john-paul-i

This is because the more a campaign makes at the beginning, the more money people will donate.

Thank you. Stay tuned for more details.