Print Edition of A Passionate Adventure is Here!

I am happy to announce the collection of John Paul I’s writings, A Passionate Adventure: Living the Catholic Faith Today is now on sale at CreateSpace! It should be available in a few days on and my website ( A new Kindle edition will also be available. Here are the details:

Passionate_Adventu_Cover_for_KindleThough the Servant of God Albino Luciani (Pope John Paul I) is now a candidate for beatification, English-speaking people have had very little opportunity to learn much about his life and teaching – until now. A Passionate Adventure: Living the Catholic Faith Today shows us the true John Paul I: along with a short biography, it contains a large selection of English translations of his sermons, talks and articles on the Faith from 1959 to 1978, the time when he was Bishop of Vittorio Veneto and Patriarch of Venice.

The future Pope explains the various aspects of the faith in a clear, vivid and witty style. He takes on the challenges that secularism presented to the faith of Catholics in his day, which are remarkably similar to the ones we face now. He offers his reflections on the first Year of Faith in 1967-68, along with sermons and articles on the mysteries of Catholic belief such as the Incarnation and Redemption, the Eucharist, the Cross, death and eternal life. He also speaks of evangelization and catechesis, birth control and abortion, faith and science, the meaning of the Church, the papal Magisterium, pluralism, ecumenism, prayer, devotion to Our Lady, and above all, becoming saints.

In this unique book, a future Pope shows how living the faith each day is a “passionate adventure” for someone in love with God.