Our conference “The True Pope John Paul I: A Man of Faith for Our Time,” was held in New York on October 12-13, 2012 to commemorate the centenary of Albino Luciani’s birth. Participants included the Pope’s niece, Pia Luciani, Loris Serafini, a local historian from John Paul I’s home town of Canale d’Agordo and Stefania Falasca, who wrote the Positio for his beatification process. Our group, Mo Guernon, Paul Spackman, and Lori Pieper, along with Rabbi Marc Gellman, also participated.

We learned many new details about his life, and found out some important information about his death from Pia and from Fr. Joseph Curran, who was in Rome at the time, and had a very lively discussion of the murder theory. A local TV station did a great story about it (see the video below). Read our latest press release with many fascinating revelations from the conference.

Here is the final Schedule and List of Speakers

Read coverage in the Brooklyn Tablet here — with more pictures.

Coverage of the conference by local television station NET of the Catholic diocese of Brooklyn:



Some photos from the Conference

Fr. Joseph Curran reminisces about his visit to Rome and experiences at the last general audience of John Paul I – and the wake in the Sala Clementina after his sudden death.








Loris Serafini lends his expertise to the question of Luciani’s religious and educational background in his hometown of Canale D’Agordo




Pia Luciani is interviewed by by a television reporter for NET:



Pia Luciani and her daughter Morena hold a copy of The Smiling Pope by Ray and Lauretta Seabeck and Lori Pieper (Our Sunday Vistor Press).

Photo: (c) Marie Elena Giossi